Challenging Career Opportunity in Retail Industry

Your challenging attitude might land you a job in the retail industry. A retail manager is required to handle the things on a daily basis- from ensuring the availability of stocks to meeting the targets and achieving the sales by motivating the sales team and satisfying the customers. It requires working on non-traditional hours. You may reach to the peak of the retail industry with your skills and talent. The retail industry comes with a great scope- it gives job in bank, airlines, etc.
If accepting challenges is your attitude, then a career as a retail manager might be your choice. Retail management requires you to supervise the functions of a store or a supermarket. This challenging job requires you to run the store on day-to-day basis while getting into interaction with personnel from the sales floor to the highest body of the board. The job of a store manager demands to get the store work with the help of the sales team and giving a great customer service. Acknowledgement with the current industry trends, observation of the competitors’ strategy, organization of events for promotion, and motivation of staff to achieve sales targets- is what requires a retail manager to do.

What it requires: A career in retail management is about handling challenges on a daily basis. From dealing with the stocks to making it assure that the store opens on time. As ‘customer is the king’, a retail manager has to make it a point that the needs of the customers should be fulfilled. There should be enough stock in the store to meet their demands. To make the store run smoothly, it requires taking the public opinion and working toward them. If you are cheerful and enjoy interacting with people, then you might love this job of retail management. Because, stores are built to serve the public, your requirement rises on non-traditional hours i.e. after 9p.m. and during weekends- to bring maximum benefits to the store.

Scope in retail industry: You can start the journey as a management trainee and then reach to the peak with your skills and talent. Initiating as an assistant manager at the entry level to becoming the store director or a division manager, retail management gives you a lot of opportunities. The scope of retail management is not confined to only supermarkets; it may land a job in banks, airlines, insurance companies and advertising agencies.

Qualification: Besides having a Bachelor’s degree for the entry level or an MBA Degree in retail management to become a store manager, it requires the skills of leadership, mathematical and analytical skills, along with strong communication and interpersonal skills. However, you do not need to have a degree to initiate a career in the retail industry. You should know the art of performing a good customer service. To become a good leader, you are supposed to be a good listener. You are supposed to achieve results with professionalism and strong negotiation skills.